About Origami

Origami is a startup that orchestrates setups and events of all sorts.
Our styling is done in accordance with the client’s desire where we will bring life to your imagination.
We work with a selected but fine product to ensure the best quality for your event. As many of our themes are customized, our setups are crafted to complement the location, the event’s vibe and the client’s request. We ensure that the client is always included by scheduling various meetings, drafting samples and color selections. This journey is smooth and chaotic but no doubt FUN!

Origami is a great addition to your on-going celebration providing you with honest advice and creativity.

“The foundation of my startup was quietly impossible due to all the circumstances prevailing the country; starting from the catastrophic financial situation to the harsh moral status of the Lebanese citizens. Yet, my love for art and my passion for creativity, after six years of organizing indoor and outdoor spaces, saw the light. In October 2021, I launched Origami an in-home business and atelier where all the creations and ideas are envisioned, providing my clients with a personalized platform.

Since then, Origami has worked on a wide variety of events turning each and every occasion into a unique project.”

Maria Abou Jaoude, Founder

Maria Abou Jaoude is a passionate architect, specializing in design and event styling, her sense of imagination and innovation in this field is immense. She is intrinsically motivated by the transformation of the ordinary space to the magical setting achieved.